Discover how Bee is involved in the wine sector

Throufhout the year

The connected station captures and retransmits precise meteorological data, and alerts you in case of frost on your plots. It is the essential tool for programming interventions on your vineyard.

Winter - Spring

Periods with frost risk extend from winter to spring, with various consequences depending on the stage of evolution of the vine. To precisely control the foliage conditions and hygrometry of your foliage at the row or plot scale, you can opt for our parcel module or foliar sensor equipment. Being alerted in real time allows more effective interventions on your vineyard.

Autumn - winemaking

Our "transformation" equipment secures your vinification and allows you to follow the life of your vintages, by historising them on our Bee platform. Our Bee hat equipment will warn you of any risk of oxidation on your tanks. Placed directly on the compressed air pipe of your tank, it measures the pressure of your mobile hat and automatically alerts you in the event of a faulty membrane.

Our Bee-vat tool allows you to follow and analyze in real time several physical and chemical parameters essential for the smooth running of your fermentation phases (density, temperature, level, pH, oxidation-reduction, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, etc.). Thanks to the historized data on the Bee interface, you will be able to follow with ease the progress of your vintages and maintain a real logbook of your cellar.

For cellar use - All year long

Bee equipment also accompanies you during the storage and aging of your wines. You will be able to monitor the particles in the ambient air as well as the molds of your cellars and storage buildings. We also offer you the possibility to control the inside of your barrels with our connected drain. This replaces your original bung, ensures the hermeticity of your barrel while continuously measuring its level, as well as the temperature and the conductivity of its contents. Our bung also offers measurements of temperature and humidity.

Bee accompanies you during all phases of production and storage!

Bee Technologies equipment are suitable for all types of agriculture ! 

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